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WOKE Policies are Weakening America


"Peter" has some thoughts about our government's WOKE policies.


WOKE leaders in our military, universities and corporations are weakening America.


The pentagon is having serious manpower shortages as WOKE policies are driving away the blue collar and conservative men and women who are the mainstay of military staffing. Flying “pride” flags and hosting drag shows is not the way to attract recruits. Manpower shortages weaken our abilities to respond to threats around the world, particularly with respect to keeping sea lanes free for our freighters and tankers to keep America supplied with our daily needs.


Corporate America is having trouble with their bottom line as WOKE ads drive away their usual customers by focusing on the fringes of their customer base, such as the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community comprises less than 10% of the population, so catering to them is a disservice to stockholders and customers alike. It is a failure of their fiduciary responsibility to stockholders, as well as disloyalty to their regular customers.


Universities having WOKE professors who require adherence to their philosophy by students in order to get a passing grade do a disservice to their students and to the ultimate employers of graduates indoctrinated in WOKE philosophy. This is how corporations and the military have acquired WOKE leaders whose policies end up failing to uphold their responsibility to their entity.


Some of our political leaders have also been indoctrinated in WOKE philosophy, resulting in decisions and policies that are a disservice to their constituencies. For example, flying the “pride” flag next to the American flag at the White House, military bases and embassies. How does that help us to achieve our diplomatic and military goals?


WOKE philosophy and policies are a threat to democracy and to our economy.


Communist China’s (CCP) growing influence in American universities and corporations supports the WOKE agenda. It is in the CCP’s interest to weaken America, so naturally they will support anything that helps to achieve that goal. It should be noted that any LGBTQ-like organization in China would be declared a criminal enterprise and its members would be arrested; in some cases, such as involving minors, they would be executed. But they fully support drag shows at elementary schools on American military bases and in our cities.


We are in serious danger of losing our position as leader of economic and military strength in the world. The CCP has even proposed to world leaders that the yuan should replace the dollar as the international trading currency.



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