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Why America’s Labor Pool is Dwindling


"Peter" has some thoughts on our labor pool.

Kids are being taught in public schools that there are only a few years left before climate change will destroy humanity. With that kind of mindset, what would be the point of pursuing a career; or getting married and having kids?


Young people across the nation are opting out of the work force to squeeze as much joy out of life as they can before climate change kills them.


Al Gore and John Kerry have unleashed the greatest and most damaging fraud in history with their climate change religion. I call it religion because it is based solely on belief, not established facts. If it was true, would banks and investment groups be giving out thirty-year mortgages to home buyers? Would governments around the world be planning fifty years ahead for energy needs and defense spending? They know that climate change has been happening for millions of years; hundreds of times since the dawn of mankind; and we have survived and thrived.


Climate change wasn’t caused by humans, it is caused by nature. Nature has a way of balancing conditions for the long term.


But young people don’t think about things like that. They don’t think long term about their lives at all. They just hear what their Marxist-socialist teachers are telling them about there being no hope for the future because of climate change.


The current leaders of our nation have embraced the religion of climate with their “green new deal” agenda. Are they doing it for the good of the country? Forcing they population to buy electric vehicles and solar panels; to give up gas stoves, gas-powered yard equipment, gas and diesel vehicles is not in our interest. It is in the interest of China.


China produces all those big, heavy batteries in electric cars and trucks. China produces all those solar panels adorning our rooftops and large steel frames in our open lands. And we buy it all from China, adversely affecting our balance of trade. The assault on our domestic energy production is driving the green agenda. Why?


Biden and Biden family members have received millions of dollars since Biden first became vice-president to the present. The Biden green agenda isn’t just political, its financial. A despicable fraud!


Gore, Kerry and Biden are the most corrupt politicians in the history of the United States. The damage perpetrated on our youth is permanent; as is the damage perpetrated to our nation. The DOJ and the FBI have been corrupted to the point that the corruption within our government cannot be addressed through strictly legal means. So, what can be done?


We must re-educate our youth so that they can see clearly and understand what is happening and why. They must understand that financial gain and not climate change is the focus of our president. Fraud and treason is his goal, and our entire nation is his victim.


The Democratic Party is also culpable in this fraud. They know the green agenda is fraudulent, but they push it to retain power. They push it to raise money; to get financial rewards for themselves. Because they knowingly push the green agenda, they are as corrupt as Biden, Gore and Kerry.


Hopefully, our youth will come to understand the depth of corruption, to give context to climate change.




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