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"Peter" has some thoughts about the dead whales that are washing up on our beaches.


The Biden Administration is desperately trying to protect the “green energy” wind turbine electrical generators on platforms off the east coast from any connection to the increased whale deaths occurring in the area.


These wind generators are gigantic propeller driven turbines that deliver electricity through underwater cables to shore-based connections to the electrical grid. The cables have been known to “leak” electricity into the ocean, which could conceivably cause a disruption of the navigational senses of sea mammals, or even cardiac arrest.


The latest effort of Biden is a “report” from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) stating that 40% of whale deaths have come from being impacted by a ship or being entangled in fishing gear and that there is no evidence of any connection to the wind turbines.


What the report doesn’t say is what caused the other 60% of whale deaths; and that they have found no evidence that the whale deaths are NOT caused by the wind turbines. Even the 40% of whale deaths could be connected if leaking electricity disoriented the whales and caused them to swim in front of a large ship or into a large fishing net.


What evidence would show such disorientation? What evidence would show cardiac arrest from electrical shock?


Is green energy so important that they must lie to the people and use government agencies to cover up their lies?


It’s time for Biden and his radical left cohorts to come clean about their green agenda and do what is necessary to protect the environment, our economy and the image of our land and seas. Eliminate the wind turbine platforms on land and sea. Bring back coal, natural gas and oil; and the natural beauty of our country.



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