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Climate CZAR John Kerry


"Peter" has some thoughts on John Kerry, Climate Czar.

Flying around the world in his private 747, emitting thousands of tons of carbon into the atmosphere, Climate CZAR John Kerry lectures others on the alleged necessity of limiting carbon emissions as a means of controlling climate change. He uses these lectures to raise funds for carbon limiting projects, then uses much of the money raised to buy more fuel for his private jumbo jet. He is the ultimate flim-flam man.


While Kerry claims that limiting carbon emissions will hold back climate change, the truth is that nothing mankind is capable of doing will in any way affect the climate. The climate is just a term used to describe long term weather. Mankind has never been able to control the weather, nor will we ever be able to control the weather. Its all smoke and mirrors, distraction from focus, sleight of hand.


Over the past three or four decades Kerry has built a fund-raising organization that has made him a very wealthy man. That’s why he has a private jet and five mansions. He lives an insular life sheltered from street crime or pandemics. He never has to travel in airliners with the public, God forbid! On the ground he travels in a limousine caravanned with black Suburban’s filled with bodyguards. None are electric, but that’s another story.


The bottom line is that John Kerry is perpetrating a fraud of monumental proportions. He is getting away with it for the same reason that the Deep State is getting away with persecuting Trump: simply because he can and the mainstream media go along with it. By the time all the solar panels and wind farms have stopped working, Kerry and his cronies will be too rich and insulated to suffer any significant consequences.


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