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What Happened to the FBI?

"Ernie" has some thoughts about the FBI.
Is it just me or is the FBI a faint shadow of what it was once?  Course the same could be said about the entire judiciary.  SCOTUS has been a huge disappointment, even the members who were appointed by Republicans.  And federal judges?  Forget it already.
    Wray should be replaced.  He has no credibility. I was surprised Trump didn’t do it.  Whomever has dropped the ball, this is not the same FBI that defeated the Italian Mafia, sent numerous Dons, lieutenants and members to prison or the grave.  Even Al Capone could not escape the long arm of J.Edgar Hoover’s FBI. 
    But today we have an FBI that spent 4 years trying to help the democrats get rid of Trump by numerous false accusations from anonymous sources regarding the myth that candidate Trump was involved in collusion and corruption with the Russians.  The whole investigation was a scam designed and executed by the Democrats with their coconspirators in the news media.  When the dust cleared the FBI did nothing to exonerate President Trump nor punish the coup members.  They wouldn’t even expose Hillary’s fake dossier lie.
    And the brown shirt tactics they used to intimidate Stone, Manaport, Flynn and others went unmentioned and uncriticized.  They even invited CNN to be onsite when they raided Stone’s home at 6am, complete with heavily armored military vehicles.
    They refused to thoroughly investigate the election theft by Dems.  Course they wouldn’t have found anything anyway.  Did they ever investigate charges leveled at Dominion, mail in ballots, blatant ballot stuffing?  And speaking of Benedict Biden, has the FBI Investigated his relationship to Russia, the Ukraine and his puppeteer, the CCP? Why even ask?
    And last but not least, what have they done to investigate the assault on America  by Antifa, BLM and Soros who’s financing the anarchy.
    We know Biden won’t do anything to restore honor and proficiency to a department that has proven its loyalty to the far left anarchists.  So every effort needs to be made to return real Americans to the 3 branches of government.


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