"Ernie" has some thoughts about the 2020 DNC platform.

   Looks like the theme for the liberal left in 2020 will be blaming Trump for creating hate, racism and white supremacy.  This is what’s dividing the country and creating a new level of domestic violence. (i.e, he’s responsible for Dayton and El Paso).  To believe this you’ve got to completely ignore Islamist Obama and how he was the anti-American who turned blacks against whites, cops and America.  He’s responsible for Antifa and BLM.  Hes responsible for bringing in thousands of Islamic “refugees” who are quickly forcing Sharia law and Islamic culture onto Americans. And it’s working!  Look at the House and hundreds of local, state elections.  He’s the one who turned foreign countries against us by going round the world blaming America for all the problems of the world.  The infamous “apology tour”.    None of these lies from the left will ever be mentioned by today’s lying Socialist media.  (The Goebbels  wing of the DNC). No, the focus will be Trump is the guy causing all the violence in the country.
  The theme for 2020?  It’s clear as a bell.  Trump = white supremacy = Hate = racism = domestic violence. When a liberal democrat wakes up in the morning, the first word out of his/her/it’s mouth is RACIST!!