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Tail Wagging the Dog


"Peter has some thoughts about pressure groups.

Gallup estimates that 5.6% of the total U.S. adult population is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).

Gallup estimates that 13.6% of the U.S. adult population is black. Of this group, 12% are also LGBT.

These statistics give us some perspective in addressing the political impact of these groups on society at large. LGBT is a very small percentage of our population. Blacks are a larger, but still small percentage. Yet both groups wield more political clout than any other group of our population. Why?

In the recent past, the LGBT group organized to demand equal rights and recognition as a legitimate member of society. That happened rather quickly and there was a push for LGBT to come out of the “closet”. Now we have LGBT in the highest roles of government and industry. They have been accepted generally by society, even in our churches. But that was not enough.

LGBT have been exerting their political clout to force society at large to embrace and endorse their sexual lifestyle. Now we have “drag” shows in public schools and as half-time entertainment at an NBA game, handing out “pride” T-shirts. We have the “pride” flag flying alongside the U.S. flag on our embassies abroad and many federal, state and local buildings at home. Why?

There are blacks in virtually every role of government, industry and entertainment, accepted by society at large. Yet many blacks, encouraged by the political clout of the BLM, have repeatedly rioted in the streets and burned businesses (but not black owned businesses) to protest alleged “institutional racism” and unfair treatment in general. They have demanded “reparations” for the treatment of their ancient ancestors. They inject divisiveness into our schools with “CRT” and “the 1619 project”. Why?

The “in your face” attitude of LGBT and blacks is not justified. Their demands are not justified. Their political clout is not justified. They create divisions in society, which is not healthy for our economy or our governance, yet politicians and leaders in industry cater to them as if they were a majority of the population. Why?

Is it the fear of being called a bigot, or a racist, or a “white supremacist”? That is the political “nuclear weapon” that has struck fear into the hearts our leaders. Some of our churches have been split apart by the LGBT. Some of our businesses have closed because of the BLM.

It is time to restore society to an appropriate balance of racial equality, not “equity”; know the difference. As for LGBT, we should leave our sexual preferences in the bedroom, not our schools or other public areas. It should be private, not “in your face”.



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