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Biden's State of the Union Speech



"Peter has some thoughts about Biden's SOTU Speech.  Joe Biden was an hour late for his SOTU speech. From what we saw and heard from him, he spent the entire hour building up his anger. He might’ve thought he was building up his courage, but it came across quite differently.


Biden raged about “the insurrection of January 6th” even though no one was convicted of insurrection and not one person was armed. The only fatality that day was an unarmed woman shot by a capitol police detective on the order of Nancy Pelosi. But Biden raged on about “the threat to our democracy” and how “the prior president” was a continuing threat to our democracy.


Partisan? Ya think?


Almost every topic Biden brought up he used as the proverbial “shiny object” to distract from the disastrous policies he has pushed. Open borders; out of control spending and its consequences of inflation; the war on oil fueling more inflation and throwing many drillers out of business and their roughnecks out of their jobs; the EV push throwing many auto workers out of their jobs; crime and the lack of prosecution; our failing schools; foreign policy. And my favorite quote from a democrat, “It’s the economy, stupid!”


Biden yelled and raged about the Russians, never naming Putin. He said he was ordering our military to build a pier for docking ships in Gaza, but there would be no American boots on the ground. Is he going to issue sneakers to the Seabees?


Biden has demonstrated the worst foreign policy decisions since Neville Chamberlain dealt with Hitler.


Biden was heard afterward on a hot mic joking about cognitive impairment. Its no joke, Joe, and you’ve got it.



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