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Blocking Cuban Refugees


"Peter" has some thoughts about Cuban refugees.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just declared that Cuban refugees will not be allowed to land on U.S. soil and if they do, they will be sent back to Cuba.


Central American refugees are allowed to enter the U.S. at our southern border even if they are sickened with Covid19. What is the difference between these two refugee groups?


Central Americans are NOT fleeing a totalitarian regime where they are brutalized and exploited. Cubans ARE fleeing exploitation and brutalization. So why aren't the Cubans allowed in?


It has been shown that 95% of Cubans vote Republican because they have a strong independent and highly entrepreneurial cultural core. A majority of Central Americans vote Democrat because they do not. They look for government handouts, freebies and ways of avoiding work. Not all, but a strong majority.


So Joe Biden doesn't want any more Republicans. He willingly blocks the Cubans, subjecting them to imprisonment, torture and exploitation, for purely political purposes to gain an edge in the next election.


Pure unmitigated EVIL!

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