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Who’s Steering the Ship of State?


"Peter" is wondering who is steering the Ship of State.

The Democrats are becoming seriously concerned about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, albeit too late to avoid national embarrassment. The party bigwigs are meeting to decide on a course of action. They have asked Kamala Harris to resign, citing any reason she wants. But she has so far declined.


The latest offer assures Harris of the next vacancy on the Supreme Court. That’s how desperate they have become, to put someone of Harris’ limited intellect and lack of skill in oral communication on the Supreme Court: Shocking!


The Democrats want to be able to appoint a Democrat to the Vice Presidency who will be a strong candidate in 2024. That is their only hope for winning the White House in 2024. Harris is still resisting; most people believe it’s because she knows she’s unqualified. She knows she’s unqualified for her current position.


Biden has vehemently refused to resign, which is another fly in the Democrat’s ointment. They’ll have to resort to having the Cabinet remove him under the 25th Amendment. They are loathe to do that prior to the mid-term elections, which leaves them little time to get their office shuffling done and have the new President ready for the 2024 elections.


The Democrats are flustered and being led by a cartoon character from Looney Tunes who is dazed and confused. What were American voters thinking when they chose to vote for Biden? Or, were they just voting AGAINST Donald Trump?


Something for Republican voters to think about before the 2024 primaries.




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