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What is it about Trump?


"Peter" has some thoughts on Donald Trump.

Why have the liberals, progressives and democrats spent the last eight years trying to “get something” on Donald Trump? Why have they falsified charge after charge, lying to judges, lying to the media, harassing his friends and staffers, falsifying evidence in wave after wave of screaming that he’s trying to overthrow the government? Has anyone ever heard of an insurrection without guns? Where the only person shot was an unarmed female?


For four of those years he LED the government in the most economically sound and most favorable foreign relations we’d had in decades. Low interest rates, no inflation, low unemployment, soaring stock market and low crime rates in GOP led cities.


The aforementioned left-wing democrats have an ideological grudge against Trump because he showed them up. He pointed a finger at the idiotic climate change terrorism that is making our children afraid for their future and called it out as a hoax. He shined a light into the shadowy world of the Deep State and vowed to tear it down; and the Deep State was afraid.


The Deep State FBI have gone after Trump with lies and false evidence time after time, until they were exposed and eliminated (fired). Then another set appears, like weeds in the garden, and launch another attack on Trump.

Donald Trump is the most harassed, vilified and prosecuted POTUS in modern times. He is also the best POTUS we’ve had since Reagan. We are ashamed for allowing the democrats to constantly attack Trump without consequences.

Come on Republicans, show them what you’re made of. Fight back and make them regret attacking Trump. If you don’t, you’re going to lose again.


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