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Israel and Hamas - Cause and Effect



Interesting article, by a Hungarian author.

“Hamas terrorists invaded South Israel, killed, kidnapped Israelis, and lunched more than 3,000 rockets against a good half of Israel’s territory.  They did it on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. Iranian agencies provided logistical and operational planning to Hamas in addition to the financial backing from Iran.”


“The European Union is condemning the terrorist attack”


“Joe Biden declared ‘America is behind Israel’”


This is a horrible news, these are -at least on first read- great statements …. none of which comes close to the list of core problems; the sum of which lead to this point.  Now let’s see how have we gotten here.



The entire mess from its inception (prior and during 1948 and all the way to today) has been built on “shaky ground” (if I want to be polite), or “a big fat lie” (if I want to be factual).  Both criteria have been accompanied by the dumb and lying-throughout-its-existence” UN that defines the old adage: “garbage in, garbage out.”  We elect garbage quality leaders to run countries, --well, they will work on garbage quality issues at the UN, and -in turn- the UN will vote on garbage resolutions.  It is this simple.  One of these garbage quality myths are the “Occupied Territory By Israel.”  The State of Israel will have her 80th birthday in 2028; 80 years weren’t enough for 99% of global leaders to read an approx. 20 page history reader’s digest to be clear on the most basic facts.


Here are a few of them: 


In the contested area (West Bank of the Jordan River the so called “Occupied Territory”)

§  The First Jewish Temple was destroyed in 586 BC

§  The Second Jewish Temple was destroyed in 70 AD

§  The Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 AD

§  The Dome of the Rock (from which Muhammad ascended to Heaven) was initially built in 691 AD

§  This time line should give pause to any thinking person, because:

§  Muhammad was born exactly 500 years after the Second (not the First!) Temple was destroyed.  Which means the entire Muslim religion was born 500+ years later than the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple

§  The Dome of the Rock was built 621 years later than the Second Jewish Temple was destroyed


So, who was there first?


§  These all have been manifested in a single image: in Jerusalem, the Second Temple’s wall is under the Dome of Rock.  The “1st floor is usually built before the 2nd is part of the curricula in pre-school. Yet, no one seems to notice it at the UN and elsewhere.

§  There is a library-full of information and evidence; most even discrediting the “Palestinian” people’s existence.  This includes the fact that the word “Palestine” didn’t occur in any ancient document; not written in the Bible, in the Hebrew Scriptures, in the Christian Testament, not even in Assyrian, Persian, Macedonian, Ptolemaic, Seleucian or other Greek sources, not even by the Romans that invented the term.   

If this isn’t enough proof, Zahir Muhsein the PLO Executive Committee member did an interview in 1977 with the Dutch newspaper Trouw and made the following statement:


"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.  In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese.  Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian  people…”


§  It has been a known fact for decades 

§  that Iran has been the No.1. terrorist sponsor worldwide

§  that Iran sponsors Hamas, PLO, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations 


If you understand all this and you still think the West side of the Jordan river is an “Israeli occupied territory” –then you are dumber than you look.


So, how October 7, 2023 came about in Israel?  Well, if you followed the last 15 years, it has been clear it will come.  Here is why:


§  United States:  Over the last 15 years the US supported Israel in 4 years and was a de-facto enemy of Israel for 11. 

§  Until Biden, Obama was “the” most anti-Israel president in US history. 

§  Using his anti-US energy policies Obama created conditions for Iran where Iran’s oil revenue averaged $45 billion/year

§  Signed the “JCPOA” with Iran that gave Iran a roadmap to nuclear bomb

§  Obama has gone as far as he ordered to transfer some $7 billion in cash (!!) loaded at night and shipped out of Geneva on a private jet to Iran

§  Obama let the Iranian revolution in 2009 die (with a lot of Iranians in it), because he wasn’t willing to stop kissing up to the Iranian thugs (God forbid the Iranians will have the guts to establish a non-terrorist government.  Where would Obama go?)

§  Almost succeeded in eliminating Israel by starting the Arab Spring, knocking off all Israel friendly (or neutral to Israel) leaders and installing people who were the enemy of Israel.  We can thank the Egyptians for kicking out Obama’s brothers from power.  That saved Israel. 

§  Came Pres. Trump, who was the true friend of Israel and a dedicated enemy of the Iranian thugs.  

§  Under Pres. Trump, Iran’s oil revenue went down to $9 billion/year

§  At the end of Pres. Trump’s 4th year, Iran was on the brink of total economy collapse.  

§  Pres. Trump also cut founding of the PLO

§  As soon as Biden came, the bootlicking of the Iranian thugs continued

§  Biden became “the” most anti US energy and anti-Israel president in US history

§  Biden reinstated PLO’s funding

§  Lifted most sanctions on Iran

§  Iran’s revenue came back to $32 billion by 2023

§  Gave $6 billion to Iran as ransom for kidnapped Americans

§  Biden (the “big supporter” of Israel) hasn’t met PM Netahyahu for more than two years

§  As the direct result of the media campaign, “…Three-fifths of the 50 U.S. states have already adopted laws prohibiting boycotts of Israel. Most prohibit government contracts with companies that engage in a broad range of boycott-related activities. Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, and eight other states mandate the divestment of public pension funds from such firms. New York is considering doing the same….” (Foreign Policy 6/10/20)

§  All these were in the news daily.  Yet, the American voters voted Obama into office twice, and didn’t reelect Pres. Trump.

§  United Nations (whatever that means): Over the same 15 years, the UN filed one resolution after the other against Israel; the UN adopted 140 anti-Israel resolutions since 2015.

§  European Union: Over the same 15 years, the EU leaders (the same EU leaders who bankrupted the EU, and invited over 5 million illegal “immigrants” into the continent) organized/filed/adapted many anti-Israel boycotts. “…The governments of France, Belgium, Ireland, and Luxembourg are … pressing the EU as a bloc to adopt punitive measures against Israel….In Britain, 127 members of Parliament urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose sanctions should Israel proceed with a West Bank sovereignty declaration…. That some European governments would threaten sanctions against Israel while refusing to impose sanctions on Iran and Hezbollah is disappointing….” (Foreign Policy 6/10/20)


§  At the same time, the moment Obama’s JCPOA was announced, most large EU based companies (from AirBus, through VW, Siemens, Total, most French car manufacturers, etc.) were running to Iran establishing business, giving Iran money, jobs and penetrating Iranian market



Read this fact sheet through the “who really occupies the west bank of the Jordan”, and “is Iran a global terror sponsor or not?” lens.


So far it is safe to argue that most “developed” countries have been -for decades- supporting the (so called) “Palestinians”, supporting Iran that sponsored most terrorism since 1979 around the world (resulting in deaths in the hundreds of thousands), and have been the enemy of Israel (in her fight for her homeland) while discrediting Israel based on a lie.


It has been more than fascinating that people in various so called “developed” countries kept voting for gangsters and lunatics as their country “leaders” for decades.  It is sad to say that Jews in these countries were on the frontline voting for “leaders” who then worked for their destruction. In the US, most telling was 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 elections.

§  Prior to the 2008 election, Obama made several speeches from which everyone knew: he isn’t the friend of Israel; yet, 82% of American Jews voted for him

§  By 2012, Obama had proven, he hates Israel and cuddles the PLO, Iran and all other groups that hate Israel; yet,  64% of the American Jews still voted for him

§  In 2016, Pres. Trump was elected with almost no support from the American Jews.  In his four years he did more for the State of Israel than all other US presidents combined.  

§  In 2020, the American Jews voted against Pres. Trump and voted for Biden of whom everybody knew: he is anti-Israel, pro-Iran, anti-American energy and pro-PLO.



Unfortunately there is a significant amount of blame can be directed toward Israel. I was in Israel in

2007 first time, visited many times since.  My personal observation was: if I asked 100 random persons (age 17-25) in Israel in 2007 about their military service, 98 of them were truly happy, excited and proud that they soon go into service or have just completed it (I asked a lot of people while there).  This “98%” in 2007 fell to the absolute maximum of 60% by 2019.  The Israeli society changed, changed rapidly and for the worse.  People just forgot how to be proud to live in the only country the Jews call “home” and fought for for 2,000 years.  


As a direct result of my observation throughout the years, the following article came down in the Jewish Post on 10/08/23: “…. The IDF never had such a failed leadership. The best military intelligence in the world has become extinct. The story of the best army in the world has vanished.”  He then urged a rehabilitation of the IDF to restore people’s trust in it, as well as its ability to deter the enemy.

In early June, one female and two male IDF soldiers were killed by gunshots fired by an Egyptian policeman….The operational failures that were exposed by a later IDF inquiry were staggering, but the mainstream media buried alive a Channel 14 analyst who dared to suggest that the reason for the carnage had to do with the decision to post a man and a woman together for 12 hours.


Turns out the border with Egypt is guarded by the Caracal and Cheetah Battalions, both of which have men and women living and fighting together, and tank units operated by women. Both groups are the result of years of efforts to feminize the IDF, heralded by Supreme Court justices and many feminist groups. Even now, the IDF has been forced to let women into its special forces, and its leadership was recently chastised by the court for letting them only into two units, and not the whole shebang.


Over the past decade, the IDF has been turned into an instrument for empowering women, transgenders, and mentally challenged individuals. Even worse, because of the Israeli government’s fear of annexing Judea and Samaria, the IDF is relegated to manning checkpoints and carrying out police operations, where issues such as civil rights dominate its ability to carry out missions….”




The complete decay of “what’s right and what’s wrong”, and the global acceptance of “equity, climate change, feminism, transgenderism (?)” progressive madness has been destroying the societies in the so called “developed” countries (I’m using this term in a very loose way, because I’m not sure any more). The madness has gotten to the point when: 

§  The German (!) government issued a statement approx. four years ago (upon the anti-Israeli attacks were out of hand as a result of the invited “illegal immigrants”): “Jews can protect themselves on the streets of Germany by not wearing characteristic markers such as a Yamaoka.”

The German government actually suggested this as a “solution.”

§  By 2021 the move by French Jews from France to Israel was the highest ever recorded


But the most tragic and most descriptive definition of how low we have sunk came from a FOX interview with Brandies University professor, Prof. Ilan Troen, whose daughter and son-in-law were killed by Hamas while they were on the phone with him.  Obviously, everybody’s hearts go out to Prof. Troen and his family.  It is impossible to describe what he and his family are going through.  


With that on the other hand, Prof. Troen has been a professor at Brandeis, one of the central bastions of creating and imposing anti-American, anti-western, anti-Israel, progressive-socialist lunatics by the hundreds at each graduation on western societies. With this, Brandeis is in the fine company of Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Berkley, Yale and -in general- 80% of American “high education” (whatever that means).  The good professor used the “these are fanatics” (describing Hamas) phrase several times in the interview showing zero understanding and comprehension that his (and many other) universities have been just about as fanatical as Hamas.  The garbage (pardon me; the “graduating classes”) generated by these so called “high education” places have been killing societies within the “developed” countries and creating space for anti-democratic, anti-western terrorist forces such as Hamas, PLO, Iran, China, N. Korea and others. 

The only difference is the killing methodology.  



It is hard to express, but the “Israeli October 7” has been coming for years, has been assisted by most people and governments in the developed world and Israel.

§  People within the geographical area of San Francisco to Vienna have been subscribing to the progressive madness for two decades

§  Within the same area people repeatedly voting for “leaders” who all but guarantee their destruction

§  Most people between San Francisco and Vienna have been readily accepting the “Israeli occupied territory” lie

§  Large segment of American and European Jews have proven to serve, accommodate, subscribe to and participate in the lies of anti-Israeli doctrines

§  Growing segment of the Israeli society have forgotten their own history


It is my (humble) opinion that if you voted for Obama even once, voted against Trump and voted for Biden, if you are associated with a university that is anti-American and anti-Israel, if in Europe you voted for a long list of “leaders” over the last 15 years, among them the current ones in France, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria or Belgium, if you voted (even once) for Angela Merkel in Germany, then…


…part of the blood of the killed 1,000 Israelis is on your hands.  You - by doing what you have been doing - participated in and (willingly, unwillingly, knowingly, unknowingly) supported this carnage. 


…and here is how:


§  By voting for Obama (especially if you are Jewish) you voted for a clearly anti-Israel, pro-Iran, anti-US president…

§  …. thereby allowing Obama to financially prop up Iran ….

§  ….allowing Iran to finance terrorism, most of it against Israel…

§  ….while allowing Obama to trash Israel…

§  ….then you voted against Pres. Trump, a president that had a longer list of pro-Israel achievements than anyone since Ben Gurion, Jew or no Jew…

§  ….but you voted for Biden that allowed Iran to continue its terrorism financing….and now we have arrived to October 7, 2023.


It’s called “cause and effect.”  Got it?




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