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America In the Eyes of the World


America In the Eyes of the World

"Peter" has some thoughts about how the world see the U.S.

America is being perceived as weak by the world in general. Not from a military standpoint, but in leadership.


The strongest military is neutered by weak leadership. Cognitive dissonance, confusion, inept planning, a lack of credible intelligence. This weak leadership frightens allies and emboldens enemies.


The POTUS is seen as old, incompetent and corrupt. He says the border is secure, when we all see with our own eyes that its wide open. He says “Bidenomics” has worked and we are better off, when we all see with our own eyes that everything we buy has increased in price dramatically and wages are stagnant. He says buy an electric car, when we all understand that if we did that the grid would collapse; not to mention the problem of recharging stations and the eventual millions of tons of car batteries that would need to be disposed of somewhere. He said he never had one conversation with Hunter Biden about his business or finances, when millions of dollars from China, Russia and Ukraine flowed to Hunter and then was distributed through numerous LLCs to other family members; including the POTUS, who has multiple expensive homes and a lavish lifestyle on his low six figure income.


All of this has been publicly lied about by the POTUS. All of this has been widely reported and is well known in the rest of the world. America has a weak and corrupt POTUS, and the world is afraid.


Afraid that our POTUS will continue to do stupid things that adversely affects the security and stability of the world. Like the tragic and stupid withdrawal from Afghanistan; like the “green” policies that assume, in the face of logic, reason and history, that man can effect change in the climate or weather. Its utter scientific nonsense; and yet the POTUS and his green agenda investors lie to the world to achieve their private goals. Money flows to China and some of it comes back to the POTUS and his corrupt cronies. Like allowing China to float an intelligence gathering balloon over the entire length of the country, from coast to coast, and hovering over many of our most sensitive military installations. Like allowing China to co-opt large portions of the South China Sea and create man-made military islands from which to stage assaults on other nation’s ships in international waters and disrupt trade routes. Like allowing Russia to invade Ukraine ( a particularly stupid instance of bad diplomacy and military strategy).  


We look weak and stupid to the world and they are afraid. Will nukes be used in Ukraine? In the Middle East? Will North Korea launch a nuclear attack on Japan, South Korea, or even Vietnam? Will the oil trade routes be closed? Will the other trade routes be interrupted by piracy on a nation-state level?


These questions, and more, are keeping the world up at night.



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