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The BLM combined with some fringe radical black groups to demand reparations for being black. They are claiming damages from the Founding to now and demanding thirty-two TRILLION dollars for being perpetual victims of white supremacy.


Hundreds of years ago families came here from Europe in wooden sailing ships so fragile against the storms of the Atlantic that many didn’t survive. There was no health insurance, or even doctors. There was no DEI; just Scots, Germans, French, Dutch, Swedes and Norwegians; but mostly English, which is why Americans speak English.


They ultimately created the greatest nation the world has ever known, out of blood, sweat, tears and death. A nation that honors morality and laws. A nation that in 1861 fought a great Civil War to free the slaves of the South, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives; mostly white men’s lives. New England, the Northeast, the Midwest, the far West, the Northwest and the Southwest had no slavery.


So, who should owe reparations? The families of the many who died to free the slaves? The people of California, or Oregon, or Idaho, or Arizona? How about New York, or Michigan, or Ohio?


The perpetual black victims, who want to profit solely from the color of their skin, say EVERYONE should pay - if you’re white.


Their claim has no foundation, no basis in history and no basis in law. It is ridiculous on its face. It is also a ruse to defraud gullible people; especially liberal whites who imagine guilt for themselves for the imagined guilt of their ancestors. Imaginary guilt requires imaginary reparations, and that is exactly what these self-proclaimed victims deserve - imaginary money.


So, when these perpetual victims beat their drums, riot in the streets, ransack stores and attack innocent bystanders, tell them that they will be paid in kind – in the fullness of time.



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