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Elon Musk on Ukraine


There is no disputing that Elon Musk is a genius. He is also living proof that even a genius can get it all wrong. Elon sent out a tweet saying that the Ukrainians should hold an election under the auspices of the UN to decide whether to cede territory to the Russians.


The Ukrainians are justifiably enraged by the tweet. They have not fought and died to save their country from being torn apart piece by piece just to turn around and give it up. They are in the process of driving the Russians out of their country, including Crimea. They will not give in, even if Putin deploys nuclear weapons.


The war will end when Putin’s own people decide he has led them incompetently and he is replaced. That will happen sooner, rather than later. The Ukrainians know this and will continue the fight until Putin is gone and cooler heads prevail in Russia.


Elon, you are a genius, but your area of expertise is technology and innovation, not diplomacy. Use your strengths and avoid your areas of ignorance. Being a billionaire does not entitle you to your ignorance to the world without being called out for it.




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