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We Need New Leadership, Now!


"Peter" has some thoughts about Biden's leadership.

There has been speculation that Putin is ill with some disease or other, which he keeps secret, and that this mysterious illness has made him mentally ill. His closest advisors are afraid to offer sound advice because he lashes out at anyone who makes the slightest inference that his judgment may not be sound. When Putin lashes out, heads we may have a madman with a couple thousand nukes who is out of control and downright mean.


Just look at what he's done already in Ukraine: Having women and children butchered to terrorize the population. Having civilians tied up and shot, or run over by tanks, or buried alive along with the dead in mass grave trenches. Having generals and other officers shot for refusing to carry out his insane orders.


Militarily things will get worse for Putin. Will he resort to nukes? Everyone is afraid that he will. And he may. But there is a difference between being afraid and acting afraid. When you act afraid you embolden your enemy. Biden acts afraid. He is not a leader, he is a coward. We need a leader or things could go VERY BAD for the world.


The right thing to do is what's best for the US and the world. Right now what would be best is for Biden and Harris to step down and allow a real leader to take charge. It doesn't really matter if they are democrat or GOP, they will be better than Biden/Harris. Almost anyone would do a better job of leading. It may mean the difference between ending the war and annihilation of the human race.


Inflation and high prices mean nothing when you're radioactive. debts, stocks, savings accounts all mean nothing when your hair is falling out in clumps and your flesh is falling off your bones. What have you to live for if your children are dying and their is no hope of saving them?


Resign Biden/Harris, for the good of the US and the world.



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