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The Corrupt President ?


"Peter" has some thoughts about President Biden.

What has President Joe Biden done to earn the millions of dollars he and his family have received from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?


He pulled our troops out of Afghanistan (incompetently, with great loss of life and military prestige, thus giving the CCP free reign to make a pact with the Taliban allowing the CCP to mine for lithium. Lithium is an essential mineral in the manufacture of batteries and other strategic items, and Afghanistan is a lithium rich country.


He has allowed the CCP to buy thousands of acres of agricultural land adjacent to several secret military facilities and air bases.


He has sold a huge portion of our strategic oil reserves to the CCP at bargain basement prices.


He allowed a CCP spy balloon to make a controlled traversal of the entire U.S. pausing over several secret military bases and missile bases to gather intelligence and take videos.


And these are just the things that we know about, there may be a lot more.


And what was he doing for the CCP as Vice President?


We can be certain that the CCP got their monies worth, and more. Joe Biden was a bargain!



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