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Trump is the Shiny Object


"Peter" has some thoughts about the Trump indictment.

Biden and his democrats have many newsworthy items in their basket: Millions of dollars from China; the crisis at our borders of drugs and human misery; inflation; energy; economy; weakened woke military; unimpeded spying by China.


But, when I looked at the Fox News web site I saw a big, red banner alerting us that Trump’s plane was taking off from Florida and there would be live TV coverage of it’s landing in NYC for Trump’s planned arraignment in court tomorrow. Why?


Why are the media not covering the actual news? Because Trump is the democrats “shiny object” to distract from all the important actual news that shows all the failures of Biden and the democrats.


The Soros-backed local DA is the willing tool of the democrats, regardless of what they say. There is virtually no chance that Trump will stand trial, let alone be convicted of anything. There is already a motion to dismiss the case drafted and ready to present to the judge at the arraignment.


I expected better of the media, especially FNC. Trump’s insignificant little misdemeanor that’s been exaggerated into a technical felony doesn’t deserve all this hype and pomp.


Let’s get back to business.



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