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The Republican Debate


"Peter" has some thoughts on the GOP Debate.

The GOP Candidate Debates

The best line came from Brett Baier, “The elephant not in the room”; referring obviously to the least-liked former POTUS, Donald Trump. Trump will be Biden’s age before he finishes another term in office. But there is no chance of the GOP taking the White House, let alone the House or Senate, if Trump is their nominee. He is despised by far too many Republicans and Independents, who would vote for Biden – or anyone else - over Trump.


The RNC is obviously worried about Vivek Ramaswamy. He was interrupted and attacked more than any other candidate. But he did himself in when he said he would not continue the funding for the defense of Ukraine.


Pence was rude and interrupting beneath his façade of sanctimony. He held his chin a bit too high.


Christie made some good points, but he still comes off as too “New Jersey” and too fat.


Haley scored some points with women by quoting Margaret Thatcher, “If you want something done right, ask a woman”. But we all knew that; our wives had already said it.


DiSantis scored more points than any of the others and had what he’s done in Florida for proof. His best comment was that, as POTUS, he would use US Special Forces inside Mexico to root out cartel bosses and kill them; and any cartel soldiers or drug smugglers who crossed our border.


Tim Scott seems a nice guy who just isn’t ready.


Doug Burgum is a firebrand for his age, but he doesn’t have the necessary experience.


Asa Hutchinson, also getting up there in age, was just barely hanging on by his fingernails.


All in all DiSantis appears to have taken his lead even farther. Here’s hoping he can dethrone The Donald.



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