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The Suppressed Insurrection Tapes


"Peter" has some thoughts on the suppressed insurrection tapes.


Well, the secreted videos of the alleged “insurrection” of January 6, 2021 have finally been released. After viewing them, several pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place and have corroborated what the Republicans have been saying all along, while branding Nancy Pelosi and her democratic coconspirators as liars who conjured up the “insurrection” allegation to smear Donald Trump and his base of supporters.


One of the protestors was a bizarre figure in a fur hat with horns, carrying a U.S. flag on a pole. In the videos he is shown being given a guided tour of the Capitol building by Capitol Police officers, who opened locked doors for him and took him upstairs and down. Instead of being arrested, he was shown every courtesy by the officers and paraded in front of every camera possible. Why?


Nancy Pelosi chose this weird creature to be the public “face” of the Trump supporters to imply they were all mentally unstable or intellectually inferior. He was thusly displayed on every network and on the pages of every newspaper in the country and described as one of the leaders of the “insurrection.”


The secreted videos also show a large number of protesters wandering around the capitol building like tourists, being guided by Capitol Police officers who mingled freely with the crowd and made no attempt to arrest anyone.


It is now apparent that Pelosi and her coconspirators greatly exaggerated the event from protestors trespassing to insurrection for political reasons; to prevent Trump from running for a second term as POTUS and to propagandize against the GOP in future elections.


Democrats should bow their heads in shame! Their cynical and unethical actions display a total lack of morality. The symbol of their shameful conspiracy – the weird guy, who happens to be a harmless U.S. Navy veteran – was railroaded into a four year sentence in federal prison by the politically weaponized DOJ in order to give the appearance of legitimacy to their alleged “insurrection” claims. But the railroading didn’t stop there. Dozens of protesters are serving prison sentences wrangled by the DOJ, but NOBODY has been charged with insurrection.


This is an excellent example of why the DOJ and FBI must not be allowed to be weaponized for political gain; it produces only immoral and unethical results. Are these the kind of people we want leading our country? Do we want our investigators to pick and choose their evidence and slant their reports for political reasons?


I hope that those democrats and independents who are honest would say “no” and vote accordingly in the next election. The DOJ and FBI won’t be cleaned up while democrats rule the White House and the Senate.



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