Joe Did That!


"Peter" has some thoughts about Biden's "accomplishments."

FBI Agents were the most highly regarded and recognized law enforcement investigators in the world. Today, they are thought of as complicit victims of corruption at the highest levels. Victims because they took no part in the corruption; complicit because they took no action to end the corruption and didn’t resign in protest. Joe did that!


The US Military had the reputation of being the smartest and toughest in the world. Then came the withdrawal from Afghanistan; the “woke” agenda; the lack of appropriate response to attacks; the slow-walking of military aid to our allies; the inability to maintain staffing levels because of the professional soldiers, sailors, Airmen and Marines fleeing the services for civilian jobs because of the incompetent leadership at the highest levels, including the Commander in Chief. Joe did that!


The US led the world in the production of energy. Whether coal, oil, synthetic fuels or nuclear power, the US surpassed the rest of the world. Today we must import oil and our grid is weakened. Joe did that!


Our national debt was once manageable. Now we are trillions of dollars beyond what our GDP can handle. Joe did that!


Our cost of living was stable for decades. Now, inflation has made it difficult to live normal lives, unless you are exceptionally wealthy. Joe did that!


The Russians saw weakness in the US and decided that now was a good time to invade Ukraine. Joe did that!


The terrorists of Hamas saw weakness in Israel’s ally, the US, and decided now was the opportunity to attack and massacre hundreds if innocent Israeli civilians, including children. Joe did that!


The world sees a vacuum of leadership and honor in the US, and our reputation is in shambles. Joe did that!


What will Joe do next?




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